I’ve written two books: a fictional account of a family falling victim to very real scams and the ultimate guide to increasing your income and success through diplomacy. I’ve also curated a guide to the best-of-the-best women-owned businesses in Las Vegas.

You think it’ll never happen to you…until it does. Scammers, Schemers and Dreamers follows a fictional middle-class, well-educated family as they fall victim to common, and very real, versions of consumer fraud. No one is immune, but there are things you can do to protect yourself. Scammers, Schemers and Dreamers not only tells the story of Phil, Dana and the kids, but the book also provides tips and resources to avoid the most common scams. Learn how to protect yourself and your family.


The 5-Minute Guide to Diplomacy provides quick and easy tips to thrive in a down economy, using the lost art of diplomacy to increase your income and success in five easy steps, without changing jobs.


As the City Leader for CRAVE Las Vegas, I curated this guide to shopping locally with the best-of-the-best women entrepreneurs in Vegas.  (The CRAVE concept was developed by Melody Biringer, starting with the Seattle guide.  She partners with selected City Leaders in each locale who are chosen for their project management skills and connection to the community.


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